01 人物动作的画面定格

如:(2020杭州高级中学等五校联考) They stood there for a moment, side by side, waiting for the rushingholiday current and for their place in it. Then the daughter glanced over and momentarily regarded her mother. And slowly, almost reluctantly, she placed her arm with apparently unaccustomed affection around her mother’s shoulders and gently guided her back into the deluge.

如:His hard work paid off! Holding the soda tinfirmly, Reuben rushed for the shop to buy the brooch. The moment he got the beautiful brooch, he burst through the front door and placed it in Dora’s hand. Never had Dora received such a gift. Speechless and happy, she held her son tightly into her arms, with tears welling up in her eyes.

如:The butterfly cleaned her tears on the face,“No.” God felt a bit relieved and said,“Tomorrow you can becomehuman again.” But she shook her head and said, “No, I want to be a butterfly for the rest of my life...”Then the butterfly would stay together with her lover forever. On the top of the mountain, she seemed to enjoythe sunrise and the sunset happily with them.


(1)The sky was a billion pure eyes of light and the grass green underfoot, it was as if night and day had become one beautiful moment. Dawn had come.


(2) Dawn sent shimmering rays over the placid ocean, bestowing a golden path from the shore to the horizon.

黎明在平静的海面上放射出出闪闪发亮的光线,留下一条从海岸到地平线横亘而过的金色道路。 (黎明到来的画面)

(3) The crystal and cerulean water was gentle as I waded through it, the sunset like orange paint on a blue canvas.

当我涉过水晶般天蓝色的轻柔的水时,日落就像蓝色画布上的橙色颜料。 (美好日落时的画面)

(4) The lingering sunlight was obliterated by the rapidly falling night,resembling a pitch-black curtain draped over the sky.逗留在天际的最后一缕阳光被迅速落下的夜幕擦除,就像是天空被一层漆黑的幕布覆盖。(日落时的画面)

(5)The moon under siege by stars seemed to lighten the night bringing forth stars that shone and hung in the blackness. The never ending blackness consumed everything.


(6)Looking up, I saw the sun shine brighter than I ever knew before. I saw a tree in the distance glisten gently as it reflected the sun's rays. My consciousness ebbed away with the heat. I took a few blinks before I landed with a thud.


(7) Dotted with glittering stars, the sky, midnight blue, gave the scene a fairytale quality. 缀满星光的天空,午夜的蓝色,给了这一场景一个童话般的质量。(神话般美丽的夜空画面)

(8)Kissed by the rain and glistening, the wet ground is cold under foot. A dense earthly sweet smell rises from the ground, enveloping everything within its soft embrace.潮湿的地面走起来很冷,被雨水亲吻后闪闪发光。一股浓郁的泥土般的香味从地上升起,把一切都包裹在它柔软的怀抱里。(雨后清新的画面)

The rain drummed on the window, bidding farewell to the last beam of sunlight.雨水打着窗户,向最后一缕阳光告别。


(9)The leaves crunched beneath my feet as I strolled down the street. Occasionally, one would fall past me, lightly swaying as the air gently carried it to the ground. 我在街上漫步时,树叶在我脚下嘎吱作响。偶尔,有叶子会从我身边掉下来,轻轻地摇晃,缓缓落到到地面。(描写落叶的画面)


(1) Chester said his father told him he had tried to search for him and his brother, but both brothers had changed their last names. “He does remember me and my older brother and he told me that he’s been looking for us ever since we lost contact,” he said. Chester said his brother has since flown to Colombia to be reunitedwith Urrea as well. When asked how the reunion with his father will change his life, Chester said,“I got family everywhere, so it might lead to many more trips now.”

(2) What was most fascinating about the reunion is that Shavi also moves others. Nina’s family had moved to a bigger apartment .“I’ve heard amazing stories about dogs’ loyalty, but I never imagined this sort of thing would ever happen to me. Even now, I can hardly believe this dog traveled such a long distance to find us,” said Nina,“I would never give this kind of friendaway again. I never grow tired of repeating this—animals are the most devoted and loving creatures. They needour love and care.”

(3) Her husband spoke to the director of Heightvale, Dolores Haworth. Soon she offered him a job working for the company. She said,“He just had a brilliant working attitude and is definitely the type of employee we are looking for. I was told, ‘If he does this for free, imagine his jobsif he was being paid. ’I met him and he was a lovely and polite young man and he has already started working for us.”

(4) …They hung all the things back to the wall.Jack asked Paisley, “Are you really willing to lead a tough life with me?” She patted away the ashes on hands and looked at the walls with loads of stuff on them satisfactorily, saying,“Yes! For me,it is not a suffering to live.”


(1) Everyone has one person they look up to as a role model. To me there is none other than my mom. She has beauty, brains, and one of the best hearts I know. Without her in my life, I would have no idea whether I can be a famous dancer. Someday, when I am older and have children of my own, I hope I can be just as great a parent as my mom.(母爱的深远影响)

(2) ….I am extremely unhappy about it. I think money doesn’t equal happiness. And free life style also doesn’t equal happiness. The real happiness is that everyone loves each other, and does everything useful for our society. Most of my classmates support me. But some of them think money is everything. In my opinion, money can’t take the place of everything, such as your life, your time and your happiness.(表达自己的价值观)

(3) “Two reasons account for that you won,” the teacher answered.“First, you’ve almost mastered one of the most difficult throws in all of judo. Second, the only known defense for that move is for your opponent to grab your left arm. It is your biggest weakness that makes you win the match. As a proverb says, ‘Every coin has two sides.’ Making full use of your strength is your achievement. Please remember that in no case will you give up especially in trouble. God is fair to everyone.”(借用名言警句来升华主题)


(1) While she wrapped them, I took a deep breath and asked Joy, “Do you have dinner plans?” I explained that I’d like to wait a bit before I went back to the hospital– gave Grace and her husband some time alone with baby. “Would you be interested in joining me in a bite to eat?” I asked. “I’d love to,” she replied, her eyes sparkling like diamonds. And, this was the beginning of the end to my months of heartbreak following Betsy’s death.(故事结尾留白,给予读者想象空间)

(2) The beggar hesitated for a moment, then he decided to open it. He declared aloud, “Who cares? He wanted me to have it anyway. I might as well enjoy it now.”With that, he unwrapped the white tissue paper, but to his surprise, there was no hard rock candyinside. Instead, into his fingers fell a shiny white pearl worth thousands of dollars.


(1) 2017年浙江高考题

开头:I had an interesting childhood. It was filled with suprises and amusements, all because of my mother—loving, sweet, yet absent-minded and forgetful. One strange faimly trip we took when I was eleven tells a lot about her.

结尾:Despite mom's being absent-minded and forgetful,

she was still a kind and nice mom.

(2) 2018年浙江高考题

开头:It was summer and my dad wanted to treat me to a vacation like never before. He decided to take me on a trip to the Wild West.

结尾:Never had I had such a thrilling yet dangerous vacation before. The special trip to the Wild West was deeply engraved in my mind.

(3) 2016年浙江高考题

开头:A funny thing happened to Arthur when he was on the way to work one day.

结尾:What a funny day. Arthur couldn't stop laughing whenever he looked back on this hilarious 搞笑的experience.


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