话题二 健康与饮食



·Group 1·

1. allergicadj. 过敏的

2. achevi. &n. 疼痛

3. appetiten. 食欲, 胃口

4. appropriateadj. 合适的, 恰当的

5. balancen. 平衡

6. benefitn. &v. 利益, 受益

7. bleedvi. 出血, 流血

8. cafeterian. 自助餐厅

9. candy n. 糖果

10. canteen n. 餐厅; 食堂

·Group 2·

1. comfortableadj. 舒服的, 安逸的

2. curen. &vt. 治疗; 治好

3. deliciousadj. 美味的, 可口的

4. desperateadj. 绝望的, 拼命的

5. dietn. 日常饮食; vi. 节食

6. diseasen. 疾病

7. dizzyadj. 头晕目眩的

8. energyn. 精力; 活力

9. harmn. &v. 伤害; 损伤

harmfuladj. 有害的; 致伤的

harmlessadj. 无害的; 不致伤的

10. healthn. 健康, 卫生

healthyadj. 健康的, 健壮的

·Group 3·

1. injurevt. 伤害, 损害

2. necessaryadj. 必需的, 必要的

3. nutritionn. 营养, 滋养

4. operatev. 做手术, 运转;实施, 经营, 管理

operationn. 手术, 操作

5. overweightadj. 太胖的, 超重的

6. painfuladj. 痛苦的

7. patientn. 病人

8. physiciann. 内科医生

9. poisonn. 毒药

10. preionn. 处方

·Group 4·

1. raisevt. 使升高; 饲养;筹集

2. randomadj. 随意, 未经事先考虑的

3. rangen. &v. 变化, 变动, 排序

4. recipen. 烹饪法, 食谱

5. recognizevt. 认出

6. recovervi. 痊愈; 恢复

7. reducevt. 减少, 缩减

8. refreshv. ( 使)精神振作, (使)精力恢复

9. reliefn. 轻松, 解脱, 缓和, 救济

10. reservationn. 预订

reserven. &v. 储备; 预订

·Group 5·

1. servevt. 招待( 顾客等), 服务

servicen. 服务

2. snackn. 小吃

3. stomachn. 胃, 胃部

stomachachen. 胃疼

4. strengthn. 强项, 长处;力量

5. supplyvt. &n. 供给, 供应

6. symptomn. 症状

7. tasten. 品尝, 味道

vt. 品尝, 品味

tastelessadj. 无滋味的

tastyadj. 味道好的

8. unhealthyadj. 不健康的, 不卫生的

9. virusn. 病毒

10. vitaminn. 维生素



·Group 1·

1. acquire a good habit 养成好习惯

2. be good/bad for 对…… 有益/有害

3. be worried about 对…… 担心/焦虑

4. be in good health 身体健康

5. be rich in 富含

6. be high/low in 含…… 高/低

7. be on a diet 节食

8. build up one’s body 增强某人的体质

9. break down( 身体)垮掉

10. cure sb. of. . . 治愈某人……

·Group 2·

1. die from 由于…… 而死

2. get overweight 变得肥胖

3. have a pain in 某处疼痛

4. keep fit 保持健康

5. keep a balanced diet 保持均衡的饮食

6. lose weight 减肥

7. put on weight 增加体重

8. recover from 从…… 中恢复

9. suffer from 遭受, 患上

10. take exercise 进行运动, 锻炼



1. Worried about my health, I tried many different kinds of diets.

由于担心我的健康, 我尝试了许多种饮食。

2. There were also signs that I was heading downthe right path.


3. I am writing to say something about food safety, which has causedgreat concern among the public.

我写信是想谈谈食品安全问题, 它引起了公众的极大关注。

4. Exerciseis beneficial to our health.


5. Healthy foods are more and more popularamong the aged.


6. Healthy foods don’t include most snacks as they are high in sugar. 大多数小吃都不是健康食品, 因为它们含糖量太高。

7. One of the effective means of reducing our pressureis taking exerciseincluding having PE classes.

一个减少压力的有效手段是锻炼, 包括上体育课。

8.Getting rid ofbad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol is an important way to keep healthy.


9. In fact, we have to admitthe fact that the quality of life is as important aslife itself. 事实上, 我们必须承认, 生命的质量和生命本身一样重要。

10. Happiness liesfirst of all in health.


11. We believe taking exercise can keep us healthierand more energetic to improve our grades.

我们相信锻炼能使我们更健康, 更有活力来提高我们的成绩。

12. Nothing is more precious thanyou keep fit.


13. As long as you stop eating that much every day, you canlosesome weight.

只要你每天不吃那么多, 你就可以减一些体重了。

14. People who eat breakfast are more likely tokeep up a healthy weight.


15. The bettereating habits we get into, the happierour life becomes.

我们养成的饮食习惯越好, 我们生活得就越幸福。

16. We ought to eat healthy food such as vegetables, fruit and milk.


17. Good health enables us to enjoy our life and achievewhat we hope for in our career.


18. We should focus ona balanced diet, which assures us the necessary nutrition. 我们应该重点关注饮食平衡, 这能保证我们所必需的营养。

19. Junk food is a fatal killer for our health so thatwe should stay far away from it. 垃圾食品是我们健康的致命杀手, 所以我们应该远离它。

20. Tips for keeping healthy are:work regularly and rest adequately, keep good hours and have a healthy diet.

保持身体健康的提示: 规律地工作、充足地休息、早睡早起、健康饮食。



最近, 你班就如何应对日益严重的食品安全问题进行了热烈的讨论, 有人认为这是政府的职责, 也有人认为个人行为更加重要。请根据你班讨论的情况写一篇报道, 并谈谈你的看法。

内容:1. 政府应该做的事情;

2. 个人应该做的事情;

3. 你的看法。

注意: 词数80左右。






Nowadays there exists an increasingly serious social problem—food safety. Recently, our class had a heated discussion on it.

Some students say that a single person can have little effect on such a big problem. It is the government’s duty to punish those dishonourable businessmen. However, some people don’t agree with the idea. They think everyone can make a difference. We do not have to put up with the fake goods.

As for me, I think it is our responsibility to say no to such unhealthy food and keep away from them. Without profit, there is no market. Such kind of problem will be solved if we are responsible for what we have done. What’s more, prompt and strict measures should be taken by the government to turn back this evil trend. I am firmly convinced that through our combined efforts we are bound to enjoy safer food in the days ahead.
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