主题一 人与自我

话题一 学校生活



·Group 1·

1. absencen. 不在, 缺席

absentadj. 缺席的, 不在的

2. accessn. 接近; 通道; 接近…… 的机会

accessiblej. 可到达的, 可使用的

3. accommodation n. 住处; 膳宿

4. accustomedadj. 习惯的, 惯常的

5. activityn. 活动

6. acquirev. 获取

7. associationn. 协会, 社团, 联系

8. availableadj. 可获得的, 有空的

9. calculatev. 计算, 推算

10. celebratevt. 庆祝

celebrationn. 庆祝; 庆祝会

·Group 2·

1. compositionn. 作文; 作曲

2. comprehensionn. 理解

3. compulsoryadj. 强制的, 必须做的

4. concentratev. 聚精会神

5. conceptn. 概念

6. crazyadj. 着迷的, 疯狂的

7. curiousadj. 好奇的; 奇异的

8. curriculumn. 课程

9. decidev. 决定; 下决心

decisionn. 决定; 决心

10. determinationn. 决心

·Group 3·

1. diploman. 毕业文凭; 学位证书

2. discouragevt. ( 使)气馁

3. discussvt. 讨论, 议论

discussionn. 讨论, 辩论

4. eageradj. 渴望的, 热切的

5. educatevt. 教育, 培养

educatorn. 教育家

educationn. 教育, 培养

6. effectn. 效果; 作用

7. encouragevt. 鼓励

encouragementn. 鼓励

8. favouriteadj. 喜爱的

n. 特别喜爱的人( 或物)

9. graduatev. 毕业

graduationn. 毕业, 毕业典礼

10. interruptv. 打扰, 打断

·Group 4·

1. intervaln. 间歇; 间隔

2. majoradj. 较大的; 主要的 vi. 主修

majorityn. 大多数

3. memoryn. 回忆, 记忆

4. observev. 观察, 监视, 观测

5. obtainvt. 获得; 得到

6. practicaladj. 实际的, 实用的

practicen. 练习

7. praisen. &vt. 赞扬, 表扬

8. pressuren. 压迫, 压力, 压强

9. previewvt. 预习; 预演;预览

10. priden. 自豪, 骄傲

·Group 5·

1. primaryadj. 初等的; 初级的

2. progressn. 进步, 上进;vi. 进展, 进行

3. proudadj. 自豪的; 骄傲的

4. questionvt. 询问; n. 问题

questionnairen. 调查表, 问卷

5. regretn. &vt. 懊悔, 遗憾;痛惜

6. requestn. 请求, 要求的事物

vt. 请求; 要求

7. requirevt. 需求; 要求

requirementn. 需要; 要求;必要的条件

8. revisionn. 温习, 复习

9. scholarshipn. 奖学金

10. vacationn. 假期, 休假



·Group 1·

1. at the beginning/end of 在……开始/结束的时候

2. Be absorbed in/put one’s heart into 集中注意力于......

3. be impressed by/with 对…… 有印象

4. be fond of 喜爱, 喜欢

5. compulsory education 义务教育

6. get full marks 得满分

7. give a lecture 做讲座

8. go to college 上大学

9. have a talent/gift for 有…… 的天赋

10. inform sb. of sth. 通知某人某事

·Group 2·

1. look back(on) 回忆, 回顾

2. make preparations for 为…… 做准备

3. make up one’s mind(to do sth. )下定决心( 做某事)

4. make a mistake 犯错误

5. make progress in 在…… 方面取得进步

6. make use of 利用

7. realize one’s dream 实现某人的梦想

8. show interest in 对…… 表现出兴趣

9. take an examination 参加考试

10. take part in 参加



1.As long as you keep practising, you’ll surely make steady progressin your study.

只要你坚持练习, 你就一定会在学习上稳步前进。

2. Finding thatI fell behind the other students in my class, my English teacher didn’t hesitate to helpme out of the trouble. 英语老师发现我在班里落后了, 就毫不犹豫地帮助我解决这个困难。

3. Most of my classmates wanted to go to a park whileI had an idea of going to a nicer place.

我大多数的同学想去公园, 而我有一个去更好的地方的想法。

4. As the president of the Student Union, I want to talk with you about the donation of books on behalf of my school. 作为学生会的主席, 我想代表我的学校和你们谈谈关于捐赠书籍的问题。

5. What impressed me mostwas that I failed in an English exam, feeling extremely upset and disappointed. 令我印象最深的是, 我在一次英语考试中失败了, 感到非常沮丧和失望。

6. After school we enjoy all kinds of activities, such ashaving sports, doing experiments or surfing the Internet. 放学后, 我们进行各种各样的活动, 如进行体育活动、做实验或上网。

7. The main reason for my choice is thatbeing brought up in a culture emphasizing collectivism, I tend to sacrifice my own interest for the group benefit. 我如此选择的主要原因是在一个强调集体主义的文化中长大, 我倾向为了集体利益牺牲个人利益。

8. Every one of you is expected to be part of the event which encourages creative minds and gives full play to your DIY skills. 期望你们每个人都成为这个活动的一部分。这个活动鼓励创造性思维, 并且可以让你充分展示自己动手操作的技能。

9. When itcomes to the selection of the columns for the school English newspaper, opinions vary from one to another.

当谈到选择学校英语报栏目的时候, 大家意见不统一。

10. I spent a whole year reviewingall the subjects carefully until I thought I was fully prepared.

我花了一整年的时间认真复习所有的课程, 直到我认为我做好了充分的准备。

11. As a student, I can tell you that there is nothing better thanbeing praised by my teacher before my classmates.

作为一名学生, 我可以告诉您, 没有任何事情比在我的同学面前受到老师的表扬更好。

12. As far as I’m concerned, onlythrough studying hard can I expect to pass the examination.

就我而言, 只有通过努力学习才能通过考试。

13. It is for these reasons that I firmly believe that this rule will promote the learning atmosphere and our teamwork spirit.

正是由于这些原因, 我坚信这条规则将有利于营造我们的学习氛围并培养我们的团队精神。

14. As a result, it washis encouragement that led to my success.

结果, 正是他的鼓励促成了我的成功。

15. Firstly, as a student, the most important thing is tostudy, so it is necessary for all of you to build an effective method in your study. 首先, 作为一名学生, 最重要的事情是学习, 因此你们所有人都有必要在学习中建立一种有效的方法。

16. We are/feel honoured tohave you here in the middle of our English Week Activities.

您能来参加我们的英语周活动, 我们深感荣幸。

17. Faced withso many new things to learn, I was overcome by fear and was at a loss what to do.

面对这么多要学的新东西, 我被恐惧压倒了, 不知所措。

18. On the one hand, I have strong belief that I will do well in the exam;on the other hand, I feel a bit nervous,though it’s not difficult.

一方面, 我非常自信能在考试中做好;另一方面, 我有点紧张, 尽管考试并不难。

19. Besides, it is normal for me to feel nervous, because the exam is of great importance to me.

另外, 我感到紧张是正常的, 因为这次考试对我来说非常重要。

20. I have seen your advertisement and I’d like to know something more aboutyour six-week English course. 我看到了您的广告, 想更多地了解你们为期六周的英语课程。



请你为《21st Century 》写一篇报道, 介绍我校为高三学生创立的“心灵城堡(Soul Castle)”专栏(column), 并谈谈自己的感想。


1. 开设目的:缓解压力, 确保健康;

2. 专栏优势:专业指导;

3. 专栏内容:建议, 心声;

4. 你的感想。

注意:1. 词数80左右;

2. 开头已为你写好(不计入总词数)。

Our school has set up a column called “Soul Castle” for Senior 3 students.




Our school has set up a column called “Soul Castle” for Senior 3 students. It is aimed at relieving pressure and ensuring the health of students. The column has the unique advantage that the experts in psychology can give us the expertise and guidance. It covers the thoughts and feelings of students and the professional suggestions.

From my point of view, not only does our school attach importance to our study but also it puts our mental health at the top of the list. It also provides a platform to communicate with our teachers and parents. Moreover, we can get help and guidance from professionals to solve our mental problems. With its help, we can take the College Entrance Examination with confidence.
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